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Callisto Bruised Knuckles EP

Oh man, I hope the guys get here soon, I'm tired of working today! Soularis - Revolution Soularis Guidance Boutique Freaks 90 Proof Guidance Considering the ups and downs, it's a good album, but definitely not a favorite for Callisto Bruised Knuckles EP nor my favorite album from Callisto themselves. Deep Sensation.

Social Media. Buy Metal Music Online Amazon. Providence Fullsteam Records I recommend anyone into Avant Garde metal or post metal this album, it's so close to being a five star album, it's almost unfair. But this is a very good album on its own, so even if you're new to the genre, don't think twice before buying it.

It's not extreme in any way I mean, there's nothing that puts you off instantly, like blast-beats, heavy growls, tempos , so most people will be able to appreciate it, yet, of course, it is a post-metal prog "whatever" album. What I meant by saying it's not extreme is simply that Callisto's music, while being really intelligent and interesting, remains quite accessible in a non-pop way. You should just sit down, turn all distractions off and indulge.

Sure, the music is quite weird, but believe me - you haven't heard anything like this before. It's divine and heavenly. The music on this album in a nutshell is "basically" not the right word as it's anything but basic : There's a central theme which slowly develops but rarely changes significantly, which is a very interesting concept, if you're new to this. I know it sounds boring, but try listening to it.

It hooks you instantly: that's the magic. It starts slowly, with maybe a riff or a drumming pattern and then little-by-little, all the pieces get added to the flow, and then everything collapses on you with heavy distorted riffing, harsh vocals, then it goes back.

Songs maystart out with a heavy doom-ish riff coupled with some harsh vocal it's neither really a scream not a growl; as I said, nothing extreme and it sounds appropriate to the music Again, sounds boring, but give it a try and you'll see how great it really is. Basically, a long song kind of develops throughout the track, if you know what I mean.

It's not so much separate sections, as in most prog and prog-metal, but a continuation and a development of one central theme. Though some songs especially on this album have a standard kind-of intro-verse structure, yet it's still very original. Songs may have and generally do have several really beautiful sections, but that's the point, the overall feeling rarely changes significantly! I think that's great. Day Guidance Soularis - Sunrise Soularis Guidance Mo Guidance The Magi , Blue Boy Guidance This Utopia Spylab Guidance The Piece Tuomas Salmela Guidance Brazilikum EP Butti 49 Guidance Ring Around the Lyrical Primeridian Guidance Makoomba Breaks Nuspirit Helsinki Guidance Constant Love Homebase Guidance Ambergris EP Seafoam Guidance Exodus E.

Troublemakers Guidance Boutique Freaks 90 Proof Guidance Callisto's Trance Callisto Guidance Past and Future Things Santal Guidance Change Nuspirit Helsinki Guidance Society Rules Glenn Underground Guidance Zero Degrees Longitude Primeridian Guidance Elementis Solaris Heights Guidance Retrospect E.

Dis Poem '99 Mutabaruka Guidance Pat Barry Guidance Callisto Guidance Both long-standing members of the vibrant lone star state house community, Sean and Eric have previously released singles on their own Harmonious Dischord and Moon Magnet imprints and DJ frequently in their respective home towns of Dallas and Houston.

Latest Releases. Projections Guidance. Floppy Sounds Remixes Spylab Guidance. Caia Guidance. Martinez - Sambalate Martinez Guidance. Have you recently had trauma to your hand, or even been in a fist fight and are now wondering if you have a sprained knuckle or a broken knuckle? Did you feel or hear a pop from your hand upon impact?

This is one of the first common signs something has gone terribly wrong when a person hits their knuckle with a hard surface. You may experience this with a very hard hit as the bone of the knuckle breaks or explodes into pieces. Usually, whether you have a popping sensation or not, the impact will cause immediate pain. The worse the injury, the more severe the pain will be. You may feel a jolt of pain, or it may be a dull, throbbing ache. The fractured or broken knuckle may still be able to flex without an increase of pain.

After a few minutes of impact, you probably will see your hand begin to swell. The absence of warmth in her hands causing her to stretch her fingers out. I asked this girl for directions and got there in like twenty-five minutes because I went in the opposite direction I was supposed to at first.

Her mother put down a sandwich and some chips for her, taking a seat across from her. I have work tomorrow so you'll be alone Monday. I expect you to get everything unpacked that we don't get done tonight. She expected that about half of the boxes still needed to be unpacked, so she should be able to get everything done if she just worked the rest of the day.

That way tomorrow could be spent looking around town some more. Though arguably not as hard as accidentally becoming involved in a ring of organized crime and performing for mom's banquets. Plus all your new friends are acting a little strange. T T Info. Chapter 2.

Dis Poem '99 Joe Clausell Mixes. Joe Claussell , Mutabaruka. McCarthy , DJ Rasoul. Turnstyle Orchestra - Latin Soul.

Turnstyle Orchestra. A:xus - Bagdad Cafe Callin' U. Toka Project - Be Free. Toka Project. Fresh Cool Juice - Feelin' Strong. Fresh Cool Juice. Pablo - All Praises Due. Deep Sensation - Somehow, Somewhere. Brother of Soul - Celebration of Time. Glenn Underground - Fly With Me. Pat Barry - Crazy Legs E. Pat Barry. Space Jam. Dubtribe Sound System. Callisto - Netherworld E. Alton Miller - Progressions. Alton Miller.

Aquanauts - The Milano-Chicago Connection. Glenn Underground - Mid-nite Oil E. Space Jam - Jam on the Beat. F And L - Love Capsule. Venus Attack Project - Objektif Venus. Venus Attack Project. Dj D - Guiding Light E.

Chris Brann - Smuthullet E. It's a more or less solid piece. But I don't really know how else to describe this kind of music.

When I discovered the genre, it seemed weird, a bit monotonous and kinda boring, but it took only a couple of listens or, rather, one PROPER listen to really appreciate the magic here. Sure, you need to be in the right mood to really enjoy this, but when the mood does strike, there's no substitute. It's prog in a sense that it's "weird" in a good way and original, not in the complexity of the music.

That's the key: there's none of that. This really is the key to understanding why Isis, Callisto and all the other post-metal bands are here, while being anything but your typical prog. They are prog in compositional terms, not in technical. There's no sweep picking and very few speed passages. Sometimes there's just a 3 note melody, but for God's sake - it's a godly melody, and I might be a bit excited, but with all due respect, Petrucci and Co.

I just wanted to give you an understandable description of the genre. Ok, so basically my review is both a review of this album and short introduction to the genre, which I feel is required seeing how obscure it is even by ProgArchives standards no reviews of this milestone album.

The album is highly recommended and is definitely a masterpiece of the genre not of all prog, of course. In some ways it's much better than Isis, to be very honest. The song "Cold Stare" features a really cool and doom-ish sax solo. That ought to make you want to listen to the album, if anything. My policy is not to write a track-by-track review, because we have an ALBUM here, and it's not pop-music. Sure, the tracks do differ, and it's anything but a concept album, but still This is mostly atmospheric kind-of music, so it flows and develops nicely both within the tracks and within the album.

This isn't a 5 star album, because it just isn't by the standards of this website. It's a very "special" kind of music even for prog-fans and so it's not gonna become something like The Dark Side Of The Moon or any other prog masterpiece. Numbness may occur along with the swelling, as you may experience a sensation of tingling and numbness of the injured area. The swelling will cause compression on the nerves, and as it worsens, numbness is sensed. Depending on the severity of the impact, a bruised knuckle will appear very rapidly.

A major break of the bone causes blood loss to be much faster than any other injury, and will present bruising sooner than expected. The tell-tale sign of a broken knuckle is the presence of a sunken knuckle.

If you wonder if it is truly broken due to the small amount of swelling or pain you may be experiencing, check if the knuckle is depressed into the hand.

The above symptoms are the signs of a broken knuckle, but there are also accompanying signs and symptoms to watch for in most cases of a fracture, or break of the knuckle bone. With swelling you can have stiffness in the area of the injury as well as in the nearby finger or fingers.

This stiffness may last for a long time after the knuckle is healed, and in some cases, the mobility of the finger or hand may not be restored completely.

The affected bone may become infected by an infection in the tissue or from the bloodstream. Osteomyelitis can lead to surgery, and in rare incidences, amputation of the infected digit. The girl glanced at Name , putting a smile on her face. You're the new kid right? I can tell because you seem pretty bundled up there," She laughed, and Name wasn't sure if it was because she thought she was strange or if she was sheepish about something.

Can I help you with something? Back in City , which was at least 4 times as big as South Park, it never would've happened. Name blinked out of her stupor, and bobbed her head, a smile of relief growing on her features. I'm Name by the way I would ask by the name but I kinda forgot to ask for that and the directions Wendy pushed herself off of the wall, pointing down the street.

Wendy nodded knowingly, and sent the girl a polite smile. If you're going to my high school, you should find me and my friends so we can show you around, the boys are really weird. Wendy seemed unusually friendly, but small towns might do that to someone. A new face could be considered refreshing to some.

Name reached Tweak Bro's Coffee in the next ten minutes, noticing a theater next to it and making a mental note. Sasha Carassi. The Dolphins - Knockin' Out. The Dolphins. Caia - The Magic Dragon E. Soularis - Dance To The Music. Alpine Stars - 77 Sunset Strip. Alpine Stars.

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