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Manfred Mann Up The Junction

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Jazz Latin New Age. The title song, Manfred Mann Up The Junction of a flipped-out, very very British alternative to "Good Vibrations," is one of Manfred Mann 's finest pieces ever, with an excellent vocal from Mike d'AboPaul Jones ' Manfred 's original vocalist replacement. Up the Junction. More on Genius.

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Up the Junction is the first soundtrack and fourth studio album by Manfred Mann, consisting of songs written by Mann and Mike Hugg for the film of the same name. The album was released on 16 March on Fontana Records (TL/STL /2/68). Track listing [ edit ]Label: Fontana. Up the junction Up the junction Day's begun and people rush Off to work by bus Through the factory gates they swarm Similar clothes by all the walls (Overalls like uniforms). Jan 01,  · When the chorus of "Up the Junction" brightly breaks through, it changes the vibe from introspective to pop perfection- almost like Brian Wilson did on some sections of his "Smile" album. So, the music feel moves from reflective to joyous. Manfred Man does this on "Walking around" as well, probably my favorite track/5(6).