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Gigi Galaxy The Pole Shift EP

Started by Gerard Zwaan in Spirituality Gigi Galaxy The Pole Shift EP Protocols and advice shared in the Gateway of Light event. The southern extremes of Mexico will be no more and replaced with a new ocean where the land bridge connects the two continents. If so, please try restarting your browser. Solution: In the long run, you can leave what you cannot comply with and.

Starting from scratch using only the minimal of tools, a shovel, rake and a home made soil sieve. Also using kitchen scraps to make a compost heap, along with grass… Continue.

Tags: seeds , weather , Shift , Pole , Earth. Started by KM in Survival. Last reply by KM Sep Last reply by Nancy Lieder Sep The Zetas have repeateded stated that after the pole shift Service-to-Other groups will be shielded from Service-to-Self gangs who will simply not be able to see them in their looting, etc. The only thing I can say for sure if I'm lucky enough to… Continue. Started by Gerard Zwaan in Spirituality Sep Added by Gerard Zwaan.

Added by SongStar Added by Nancy Lieder. Added by Dave O. Sign Up or Sign In. This free script provided by JavaScript Kit. Space Saving Container Gardening. How to Raise and Enjoy. Total Safety and Purity. Survival Tips. The migration to the organic timelines provides the New, refreshed, rebirth sensation.

This began with the December Solstice, and can be a profound and freeing energy. These continuous experiences of our personal Ascension are preparing us for larger, brighter experiences as One.

This is exactly what is unfolding with the core magnetic shift, migration to the organic realities, and changes in Solaris. We work in tandem with Gaia, the SUN, the Galaxy and beyond by experiencing unity consciousness; the pure, organic, powerful expression of Source-as-Self.

As we allow our embodiment, our unified light level is literally changing the grids, magnetics, and energy systems on the planet. It allows for higher collective timelines which are loaded with new experiences, possibilities and high levels of creativity.

This core shift — in progress since Solstice — is opening, unlocking, the organic experience of Ascension. Notice the recent media mentions of the pole shift; the re-emergence of this decades-long topic is purposeful.

A grounded focus on what is happening at the crystalline core. I explain how this operates and the effects of this core shift in Gateway of Light , and touched on it in the video provided below.

Like a cosmic trigger, this level of light flowing through form creates stability, which allows Gaia to shift with more ease and grace. Watch the youtube video for a brief explanation. Every day, regardless of the weather or time of day. It seems everyone is cleaning their house, clearing out the old.

This is the vibration of the New, and new organic timelines, trickling into the physical. Crazy psychedelic technotracks on Gary Martin's label from detroit. Rare find, mint! Toggle Navigation 0 items. New Back in stock Browse all Recommended Upcoming. Gary Martin Tracks for Tourists Vol. Gary Martin Basis 2x12'' Deep funky Detroit techno and house tracks.

House Techno Detroit. Elliot Taub aka Ulysses Tribalismo 3 Tribal techno tracks on yellow glass vinyl Futago Technologies Tokyo Tech-Funk Tribe EP Not for the faint of heart, this is dancefloor techno at it's best, with clattering beats and analog basslines laying down the groundwork, while synth Techno Detroit.

Gary Martin Money Bass driven big funker with vocals and a sound that lands somewhere between Green Velvet and Prince. Its dipole magnetic field remains about the same intensity for thousands to millions of years, but for incompletely known reasons it occasionally weakens such is October 15, June 19, About geomagnetic reversal and poleshift A growing number of scientists are starting to worry the magnetic pole shift, that seems to be underway, is the real culprit behind climate change.

Not man made air pollution, not the Sun, not the underground volcanic activity heating up the oceans, but the slow beginni March 15, Cracks opening in South America Ancient fault reactivated moves 20 Hectares of ground in BoliviaA total of 21 homes that house more than 34 families were damaged in Urb Los Alamos and La Florida, La Paz area of Alpacoma, where there was a geodynamic movement of land, 20 hectares, due to recent rains February 26, Earth's core is rotating much slower than previously believed Scientists believe they have achieved the first accurate estimate of how much faster Earth's core is rotating compared to the rest of the planet.

The February 23, Previous 1 2 Next. Load more articles. Most read At least 28 killed, homes destroyed as severe flooding hits Upper East Region, Ghana Tropical Storm "Nestor" moving quickly toward Florida Several injured as very destructive, possibly multivortex tornado hits Arles, France Emission of steam and gas at Momotombo volcano, Nicaragua Stormquakes - scientists discover new geophysical phenomenon Powerful fall storm slams New England and the Maritimes, leaving nearly customers without power Dangerous storm surge and tropical-storm-force winds expected along portions of Gulf Coast.

State of emergency after unprecedented October snowstorm leaves without power in Manitoba, Canada Stormquakes - scientists discover new geophysical phenomenon Several injured as very destructive, possibly multivortex tornado hits Arles, France Record weather conditions across USA in the first half of October Midnight sky lights up as bright fireball explodes over Northeast China Ancient Aztec records uncover hidden earthquake threats Metis Shoal volcano starts erupting, Aviation Color Code Orange, Tonga.

Hagibis intensifies to Category 5 Super Typhoon in one of the most explosive intensification rates on record, heading toward Tokyo, Japan First example of 'double Gigantic Jet' captured over Puerto Rico Solar system approaching the closest position to the galactic core, energetic region altering magnetic fields of the Sun and all planets Worst drought in 90 years hits Namibia, over 61 cattle and other livestock perish Loud explosion at Piparo mud volcano, cracks appearing across roads, Trinidad and Tobago Century-class Solar Minimum in progress Record snowfall wreaks havoc in Spokane, more than 36 customers without power, USA.

First of all I would like to thank my listeners and viewers for their undying support and loyalty. This is exemplary of your savviness and ability to see the truth without any facts in place regarding my swift departure from the radio station known as Revolution Radio, freedomslips.

Without you, I would not have had. What are healthy Bacteria? The woman has clearly been to hell and back, as she was conducting the interview from a homeless shelter in Washington D. According to. Josef Dolezal has his opinions, solid, refined and untainted. Rather refreshing. An assassination may be prompted by religious, ideological, political, or military motives; it is an act that may be. Guests : Patrick Jordan and Dr. Not only are Dr. Stressors like virus, bacteria, parasites and heavy.

Guest tonight is Robert Evans. This is astounding to view! The War against Chemtrails is not what you think it is at all!

It has become a fairly peaceful, enlightening, and respectful movement which provides information from a multitude of government and weather modification websites to the general public. Major concerns regarding Fracking are: Toxic drilling fluids and fracturing fluids, injected deep underground and. Website :www. What is the Underground Base Conference about? Is Project Blue Beam a possibility? Guests: Mr. Jim Kerr, Mr. American Bunker! Listen to the show right now! As you listen to the show, please scroll this article for referenced videos and still photos that are made throughout this entire program!

He opened up the conversation with talking about his child who was killed by a Hep C Vaccine at the early age of five weeks old, which breaks your heart!

Center SWXC. Pole shift. Where to go and how to survive the next pole shift and ice age Video series 4, Part 5B, covers where to go to survive the next Polar Reversal and Ice Age. April 14, When will the next pole shift and solar nova occur Douglas Vogt of Diehold Foundation presents his research about the timing of the next Polar Reversal Geomagnetic Reversal and Nova.

February 05, Research helps explain ongoing changes in geomagnetic field Scientists from the University of Rochester used new data from sites in southern Africa to help explain recent and ongoing changes in Earth's magnetic field, best expressed by a deepening area of low field called the South Atlantic Anomaly.

March 08, February 28, May 16, January 27, Earth's magnetic field changes mapped in detail A group of experts utilized the data collected by the ESA's SWARM satellites to show how the magnetic field is pulsating, where it's weakening and strengthening, and how fast these changes occur.

May 11, Widespread extinction after Earth's hyperactive magnetic field reversals Research results of the new study indicate the rapid reversals of Earth's magnetic field which occurred about million years ago is responsible for destroying a huge portion of the ozone layer. February 23, The Chinese government released the white papers and fully accounts for there geoengineering practices, something the rest of the world needs to not only view, but make use of this article to educate.

She has been documenting space for nearly a decade, with photos from web cameras and telescopes,. Laura is an extraordinary communicator, loving, open and.

A superconductor has the ability to carry electric current without dissipation. The perfect diamagnetism of. She has created a number of ways to. Robby Wells is running for President in and we plan on keeping. What does the government say about crop circles? What is the oldest. Alfred Lambremont Webre is an American author, lawyer, futurist, peace activist, environmental activist, and a space activist who promotes the ban of space weapons. By , ownership of the news media had been concentrated in.

The photographic evidence is proof,that being over 60, photos in a 2 day exploration clearly verifies the existence of Extraterrestrial life who are visiting planet earth!

In this extraordinary interview Wilbur Allen reviews his body of work and sets. Since then he has released parts which address cloaking. UFO technology VS. Exotic Military Crafts: what is the difference? Holograms and there uses How. Wil Spencer of www. Spencer is going to Dispel the myths regarding Probiotics Wil is going to list the ingredients inside of a couple of organic products and tell us. Cathy Bilsky is a new addition to our Radio show!

She will be conducting. I thank Bob for coming. Cathy answered the following questions for us! What are curses and can they be removed? Rebecca has inspired me in so many ways, and it is an honor that she has allowed The Truth Denied to interview her. With Rebecca, you can always count on one. Roddie confronted David de Rothschild about eugenics and.

The Truth Denied. Please listen to the 5. Listen to the live coverage just in!!!!!!!!!!!! Please follow and like us She specializes in protecting the environment from toxic chemical contamination and investigates ongoing, unregulated experimental atmospheric and weather modification programs.

Please use the shopping guide! Fiji 8. Add a Blog Post View All. Nancy will then post all accepted email questions from the general public… Continue Started by Nancy Lieder in ZetaTalk.

Aftertime assists The Zetas have repeateded stated that after the pole shift Service-to-Other groups will be shielded from Service-to-Self gangs who will simply not be able to see them in their looting, etc. Add a Discussion View All. Surviving the earth chan… 97 members. Earth changes and the pe… 57 members. View All. Add Photos View All. Moon Swirl Added by Gerard Zwaan. Add Videos View All. You can support the ning by using the above button.

Contact this Ning. Tweets and RSS. Follow poleshiftning Help get the message out! RSS View All. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Help get the message out! Rare Albinos Appearing. Earth polarity increasing. Severe wobble and sloshing.

Hurricane Irma beach recedes. Mexico 8. Hurricane season. We discussed embodiment, first contact, the core magnetic shift of Gaia, and energetic events. The full replay is available on youtube HERE.

I send all of you Divine Love and Support during this transformational eclipse passage. Last week was truly blissful and activating energy. Here we glow! Feel free to join the Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers in our unified service to open the crystalline bridges to the New Earth experience, in this Now.

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We are Soul first and Humans temporarily second, some of us are not even from this galaxy, yet certainly many reading this now are actually Earth-born souls: this is your great moment-of-Soul, to stand counted as one who faced the Pole-Shift of Pole-Shifts and survived to tell about it. The Zetas have repeateded stated that after the pole shift Service-to-Other groups will be shielded from Service-to-Self gangs who will simply not be able to see them in their looting, etc. The only thing I can say for sure if I'm lucky enough to Continue. Started by Gerard Zwaan in Spirituality Sep Oct 08,  · Guest: Gigi Bowman Website: and Gigi Bowman is nothing short of impressive, well educated, witty, humorous, and most of all honest! If she doesn’t have an answer she actually says “I don’t know”, like when The Truth Denid Talk Radio Show’s host Roxy Lopez asked Gigi “Why haven.