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Museum of Consciousness. Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland. Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland is the fourth studio album by Shpongle released on 2 November The album's track list was released on 12 August via Twisted Records's website. Songs from the album began to trickle to the public in live form, being played at many of Shpongle's concerts.

Previews of the album were made available through Twisted Music's official audio player. The album was ranked at 7 on Sputnik's Best Of list.

Stylistically, the album is the culmination of what began with their previous album Nothing Lasts But Nothing Is Lost, in the sense that it contains much more emphasis on world music influences and parts performed on various instruments by Posford, Ram and guest musicians, compared to first two albums which were heavier on sampling and with more influences from dub and electronic dance music.

As one of more interesting bits of instrumental work, the track "Nothing is Something Worth Doing" is built around novel melodic percussive instrument Hang, and lines played by Austrian Hang player Manu Delago. The cover artwork was created by Storm Thorgerson. Nothing Lasts The ramblings of some guy in Divine Moments of Truth, or the sudden breakdowns through scattered throughout the album. The album starts out with Shpongle Falls with a slow long buildup.

The clearness of water droplets hitting upon a surface break down in between the first two tracks which just showcases the pristine production on the album. Vapour Rumors starts out a slow drifty flute track until climaxing into a staccato flute and synth driven beats.

Shpongle Spores stays relatively tame when coupled with Behind Closed Eyelids prize to whoever figures out what their referencing to hah the odd noises throughout the song is used to only enhance the music with enough changes to not bore the listener. If I were to point any flaws the album is a little on the longer side, clocking in at an hour 18 min listening all the way through can be daunting but it does change enough to rarely drag on. The problem with this album is in comparison, Tales of the Inexpressible this album does not seem to be as varied or diverse.

This music is certainly not for everybody as most would probably find it too weird or out there and no clear melodies or direction may put off a first time listener. It is an intense album at times with peaks and valleys and much in between. Shpongle would go on to release two more albums to form a trilogy and while this may not be my favorite album of theirs, it does fit second on the list.

The music on the disc is definitely a long ways away with mainstream music of today as a huge leap. Wednesday 24 July Thursday 25 July Friday 26 July Saturday 27 July Sunday 28 July Monday 29 July Tuesday 30 July Wednesday 31 July Thursday 1 August Friday 2 August Saturday 3 August Sunday 4 August Monday 5 August Tuesday 6 August Wednesday 7 August Thursday 8 August Friday 9 August Saturday 10 August Sunday 11 August Monday 12 August Tuesday 13 August Wednesday 14 August Thursday 15 August Friday 16 August Saturday 17 August Sunday 18 August Monday 19 August Tuesday 20 August Wednesday 21 August Thursday 22 August Friday 23 August Saturday 24 August Sunday 25 August Monday 26 August Tuesday 27 August Wednesday 28 August Thursday 29 August Friday 30 August Saturday 31 August Sunday 1 September Big Pause.

Pablo Arias. Bela Winden. Taiga Dream. Dark Hurricane. Krista Carter. Adam Brown. Soul Beat Runna. Bruno der Frosch. The Dood. Kushal Prasad. Paturn Juglar. Ralf Baumgartner. Nothing Lasts But Nothing Is Lost.

This iconic album has been remastered and the packaging has been painstakingly upgraded, making Nothing Lasts, our most super-deluxe release to date. Due to the bespoke design and unique construction of the sleeve as well as the complex printing process of all the features involved, this item also has a premium price tag, making it the ultimate collectors item.

Younger Brother. In Dub. Various Artists. Dialogue of the Speakers. Drink the Sea. The Glitch Mob.

On 33 Music Lists. Add a Comment. Kaleid February 13th Comments. Catchthe22 February 13th 95 Comments. Apocalyptic Raids February 13th Comments. Sepstrup February 13th Comments. I need to listen to some Shpongle AlienEater February 13th Comments. I'm vaguely interested in this band. Nadinus March 20th 21 Comments. Psilocyanide May 19th Comments. June 16th Comments.

Are you experienced? ShponglesSoundTribe July 14th 16 Comments. SowerKraut October 8th Comments. HitlerIsGod April 29th Comments. You have to be logged in to post a comment. Login Create a Profile. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. We are very proud of this album and confident that you will never see another record, as beautiful or as lovingly put together as this one! Hand Finished. Purchasable with gift card. Botanical Dimensions Remastered Outer Shpongolia Remastered Levitation Nation Remastered Periscopes Of Consciousness Remastered Schmaltz Herring Remastered Remastered Shnitzled In The Negev Remastered But Nothing Is Lost Remastered When Shall I Be Free?

Circuits Of The Imagination Remastered Linguistic Mystic Remastered Mentalism Remastered Invocation Remastered Molecular Superstructure Remastered Turn Up The Silence Remastered Exhalation Remastered Connoisseur Of Hallucinations Remastered The Nebbish Route Remastered Falling Awake Remastered Now remastered for It proved to be yet another masterclass in the psychedelic fusion of the worlds between musical genre and sonic geometry.

The album famously features 20 tracks which on vinyl appear as 8 separate tracks designed so that every one flows seamlessly into another, continuously evolving like a musical hologram. Each new sonic world reflecting a psychedelic spectrum of the uniquely altered states of audio reality that Shpongle are renowned for. With every track opening doors to new musical vistas, we are blessed to witness the ever changing sonic scenery that constantly shapeshifts in tone, timbre, tempo and time signature.

Nothing Lasts But Nothing Is Lost effortlessly and seamlessly emerges from one to the next and is a musical journey of such gargantuan portions that they barely fit into a 1 hour epic audio adventure! The mystical maestros undeniably delivered another astounding audio adventure, flipping the sonic switch for tripping without a hitch and earning its rightful place of any psychedelic connoisseur. Shpongle Spores Side B1. Please note we are not responsible for any delays caused by destination customs clearance processes or customs clearance fees in destination countries.

Includes unlimited streaming of Are You Shpongled? Sold Out. Shpongle Falls Remastered Monster Hit Remastered Vapour Rumours Remastered Shpongle Spores Remastered Behind Closed Eyelids Remastered Divine Moments Of Truth Remastered Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? Shpongle came to light 20 years ago, emerging from the burgeoning Trance music scene.

The Shpongle sound was formed out of the desire to share another side of the psychedelic spectrum of music and in doing so established themselves as important innovators and arguably, inventors of genres we now know as PsyChill, Psybient, Psydub or Psybreaks.

Are you Shpongled? Each one taking the listener on a journey, with sensurround sounds emerging from the caves of tribal reality. Across the globe, both seasoned aficionados and new sonic surfers alike take delight in the original worlds of sound explored by these visionary pioneers on their debut album which still takes pride of place in many collections.

The Shpongle sound planted sonic seeds in fertile imaginations across the world and over the past 2 decades their fanbase has grown exponentially, creating an unforgettable impression on the minds ear of all who listen. With a full live band to compliment their studio origins, Shpongle have been headlining large scale concerts and festivals across the globe, most notably two sell out shows at The Roundhouse London in and more recently their legendary performance at Red Rocks in Colorado where Shpongle performed to a sell out crowd of They have also completed numerous tours of the USA with stateside crowds showing huge love for the band and establishing a loyal following.

Remastered by Kevin at Soundmasters. International Shipping: All orders are shipped with full value of items declared. Tags electronic ambient chill out chillout electronica London. Tales Of The Inexpressible Remastered.

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Check out Are You Shpongled? ( Remaster) by Shpongle on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Shpongle is a psychedelic electronic music project from England that formed in The group includes Simon Posford (a.k.a. Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram (one of three in The Infinity Project). The duo are considered to be one of the progenitors of the psybient genre - a genre combining world music with psychedelic trance and ambient. Falling Awake (Remastered) Nothing Lasts But Nothing Is Lost was the 3rd incredible installation of the Shpongle epic released in on Twisted Records. Now remastered for It proved to be yet another masterclass in the psychedelic fusion of the worlds between musical genre and sonic geometry.