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The Beatles White Album The 30th Anniversary

September 28, at For the moaners, where would we be without them. I agree. Am I bothered? Plus Created with Sketch. DVD is 20 years old, Blu-ray is 10 years old. October 6, at

The original album is augmented by 27 early acoustic demos and 50 session takes, most of which have never been released in any form. It follows the release of the widely-acclaimed Sgt. To create the new stereo and 5. The White Album should have all the bells and whistles. It is a very important album for all to have.

I also agree with the other commenters here that Hey Jude and Revolution should have been included in the super deluxe edition. Another missed opportunity. Stupid question time. If i order this through Amazon France will the book etc be in French? Roll on the Abbey Road box set. More on Rollingstone. On another note, the Rutles LP gets a vinyl reissue on 5th October. Also included in the package is the original page inch booklet and a new inch two sided lithograph featuring a photo of the band on one side and the original press release on the other.

Heh, heh! Will the Rutles ever get back together? God, I hope not Mick Jagger. Considering the Sgt. And no video whatsoever? Have you checked? No vinyl in there. Oh well, I might have to buy it from Beatles. This looks great. It would appear I might be in the minority with regard to the Esher Demos. I was never a fan of the handful that showed up on Anthology 3. That seems excessive. In my opinion, it should be selected sessions on that disc, and the demos should be exclusive to one disc of the SDE.

Although I expected news of this Beatles 5. Looks like there are no 5. Regardless, this may be good news in and of itself, as more Beatles 5. Hi Paul……. Yes I pre-ordered from Amazon. It also comes with a touque, t-shirt and guitar pick in a tin. Great packs! Not perfect due to some of us would be interested only in the Blu-ray, but at least the vinyls are not there in the same pack increasing a lot the price.

So happy for the new and happy for the different optional packs. I think during the Anthology 3 release Maca commented that. Lots to digest here. Also,a bit strange that the mono mix is only on blu-ray, when it was a separate disc in the Pepper box. I guess they had to draw the line somewhere in terms of number of discs although Crimson fans will be familiar with many, many more. Daft not to order it at that price. May not stay that cheap so get it now before it goes back up!

May even get the free mp3 rip as well eventually! But considering the amount of material included in the super deluxe box set and being a Beatles fan i might go for it like a lot of people. But I agree with your premise that The White Album has some less essential tracks mixed with the mostly masterpieces. Curious to hear what you would leave off London Calling. I mean, I have a few ideas but curious to hear your choices.

Song in the Key of Life? It has some stinkers. Alas, no video. Must have been too hard to secure the rights to those films. Otherwise, awesome..!! Blakey; very informative response, thank you Sir! I thought that was the reason. Thank God for YouTube..!! My gripes: 1. My praise: 1. Everything else looks alright. Already pre-ordered. But, thankfully the SDE white album has been re-mixed, and not simply remastered by Giles, includes a 5.

What a great collection of material i have most of the esher demos but not all and as for the sessions i have very little material which is exciting for me as most of it will be new to me. Seems like the 3CD release is the answer — it has all the important content from the SDE, and is really cheap now. Wow properly done no mixing vinyl with CD plenty of outtakes, and hopefully a better 5.

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Elizabeth Hirst says:. November 10, at Dean Taylor says:. Song by another artist. Reviews Review by: JeffR x. JEFF R. Review by: sticky wickets. An excellant collection featuring quite a few unique mixes. Some of the mix differences are a bit trival but in the world of Beatle boots anything new is better than nothing new.

The real standout tracks are "Revolution 1" that turns into "Revolution 9" without a Yoko voiceover , a slightly longer remix of "Helter Skelter" and a short but sweet version of Lennon singing an acapella "Good Night".

Track Listing - Disc 1. Back in the U. The Beatles. Dear Prudence. Glass Onion. Wild Honey Pie. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill. While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

George Harrison. Happiness Is a Warm Gun. Martha My Dear. Rocky Racoon. Richard Starkey. I Will. Track Listing - Disc 2. Yer Blues. Sexy Sadie. The Beatles' playing as a band is spectacular and their guest lead guitarist, Eric Clapton, put his heart and soul into creating a solo of solos for the ages.

It was an instant classic, channeling Harrison's emotions and on this new remix it just bleeds forth out of the speakers, sending a direct shudder down my spine. I would be remiss if I didn't discuss the overall package you get with The Beatles' White Album 50th Anniversary boxed set. First off, expect to get a large form hardcover coffee table sized book which houses all the CDs and the Blu-ray in each of their own White Album-like slip cases.

You get terrific recreations of the original posters and photograph inserts. And in the book's plus pages you'll get loads of information, track-by-track annotation and some incredible photos from the period. Probably the only surprising thing that was missing, actually, was that there was virtually no information on the surround sound mix, which is But other than that, this is pretty near as perfect a collection as you could want about The White Album.

You get an inside look at how the album was made and you get to hear it in both the original Mono incarnation which The Beatles themselves worked on as well as the brand new Stereo and Surround Sound mixes. And all of these version are presented in high resolution fidelity, delivering a shimmering new look at this classic of the Beatles and of pop music in general.

For more information about AudiophileReview. Luxury Publishing Group Inc. Arrow Created with Sketch. Calendar Created with Sketch. Path Created with Sketch.

Radio Broadcast. Happy Birthday Mike Love. Medley Of Esher Demos. Revolution 1. What's The New Mary Jane? Cotton Fields The Cotton Song. Don't Pass Me By. Cry Baby Cry. While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Hey Jude. Not Guilty. The limited edition Deluxe 4LP vinyl set has a lift-top box with a four-page booklet, presenting the 2LP album in a faithful, embossed reproduction of its original gatefold sleeve with the fold-out poster and portrait photos, paired with the 2LP Esher Demos in an embossed gatefold sleeve.

Scroll down for more information and to read the full tracklist, and order the box set here. Super Deluxe : The comprehensive, individually numbered 7-disc and digital audio collections feature:. The 3CD; gram 4LP vinyl box set limited edition ; and digital audio collections pair the stereo album mix with the 27 Esher Demos. Back in the U. Apple Corps Ltd. Related Reviews.

Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. If we work back 46 days from 20 September , we get 5 August for an expected Abbey Road announcement. I suspect there will be a ton of activity at the zebra crossing on that day, perhaps even necessitating the closure of Abbey Road between Garden and Hill Roads. I am therefore marking my calendar in anticipation of an Abbey Road remix announcement on 8 August Would happily swap some backing tracks for those. What the hell is this all about?

Similarly, I received my pre ordered Dylan deluxe box set only yesterday, seven days after release date. Is anybody else having similar issues? So instead of getting the best price from Amazon Fr, I will be paying for two more expensive copies to add to an already very expensive music purchase month. Nobody was sure how many that they would get on the first shipment. I preordered like you and paid a month before its Nov 9th release.

Just got notice it shipped and should have by the 13th. I feel your pain regarding Amazon. Last week Amazon. I just wish somebody in the media would ask a really simple question. How many are in each edition.? Labels and artists get away with hyping limited edition and often not revealing how many. Very rarely if your write will they tell you. Record Store Day will not even respond to inquiries about this.

Yet, some of these so called limited editions are shams. They will sell 20, if they can get away with it. I love the 5. The book is really good too. Congratulations to Giles Martin on making fascinatingly anew an album I have loved since 68 when I sneaked downstairs at my parents house at Christmas,played the whole lp on a small plastic record player with my ear crooked to the speaker,and then sneaked it back into the wrapping paper under the tree!

At the age of ten this was an amazing labrynth of sound to be introduced to,and this mix has made sparkling anew that experience. Thank you! Looks like my card has just been changed and the order is preparing for dispatch. Really quite happy with that , thank you again Paul..

Price would have been a bit to much to be honest. What they should do is go back and do a box set of each beatles studio album and give us just the demos outtakes alternates of every song every album, and i want all the studio chatter inbetween as well. Had Blu Ray audio. Not cheap but not a rip off. Very well packaged. There is only one answer. I confess I bought Sgt Pepper box 2 months after it came out.

I thought the remix stank but the outtakes were superb. You should try being a Queen Fan…. This is getting complicated. I need the box by Saturday for a long planned listening party on Sunday.

Oh dear. Pepper box. Time for bed now! Oh well…. Totally understand your feelings as a long term amazon customer myself The only good thing out of this is I have saved s of dollars not buying anything. For new releases either Importscd. Buying box sets and anything other than a generic single disc album from JB Hifi is for people who want to give their money away. Where we are losing out is on those Deal Alerts.

JB Hi Fi have all of it. Another Australian here who was in a panic over lack of access to the upcoming Kate Bush reissues. Very relieved JB are getting it all and the first box set, the only one I want, is at a very decent price too.

I would really appreciate a definitive answer so I can order from anywhere anxiety-free Thanks. It will be. But after all the Esther Demos got 3 different no legal edition no more on bootleg, but as official release…sounds good.

Might be something worth sharing…? Pingback: Geoff Emerick dies aged 72 superdeluxeedition. Can someone explain the difference between the new stereo mix of the Cds as opposed to a stereo remaster such as the one that was issued a few years ago? What should be audible to the listener? Bill and the other people I have read similar comments of , the difference will be very audible as a remix is totally different from a remaster.

A remaster is an upgrade of the finished 2-track master. A remix is a proper refurbishment of the original multi-track recording that being made of 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. This process, especially with the technology that we have at our disposal these days, allows the engineers to optimise the sound of the original recording in much greater detail.

To give you an example of the difference that you will hear, try to listen to The Beatles — LOVE album where all the songs were remixed. A remix and LOVE is the perfect example allows the engineers to re-balance most of the sounds and even to eliminate an instrument or to re-insert one that was recorded but then discarded in the original final mix or that belonged to a different song all together!

Obviously, in order to preserve the integrity of the original recording, this is normally not done, but you can appreciate the potential of this process compared to a simple remaster. The most economic route at the outset seems to be to purchase through iTunes at least you get all the music tracks In all honesty I would love the full box set but the price is going to be too expensive intialy. The Esher Demos should be offered as a standalone vinyl set. Hoping the US price on Amazon comes down.

I am little disappointed that the Esher demos not mixed in 5. Also looking at the track times in Itunes, it appears none of the 3 CDs are at least 70 mins long.

Apple could have filled the Cds with mire music. Overall looking forward to this release. Hopefully Apple will fo the same next year with Abbey Road. Holy moly! Thanks for the heads up, Paul!

But who knows, Nov. The price on pledge for the SDE is pound or euros. Seeing the current prices for Sargent Pepper I am not sure there will be much opportunities to get it cheaper. Although I have some questions a better surround mix?

Esher tapes improved compared to Bootlegs? Amazingly Pledge are cheaper than amazon across all formats at the moment. The super deluxe version is the one for me.

Surely every Beatles fan feels the same but then some people like to moan, maybe? Paul, what size is the super deluxe package going to be, do you know? Space being at a premium with all these amazing box sets etc Thanks, Trevor Pugh. Defo more enthused about the Stones Voodoo Lounge Uncut re-issue — a little easier on the pocket too! Deal Alert — just ordered the 3CD on Amazon. I would imagine we will see a Let It Be box set because of all the songs especially covers that they recorded during those sessions.

There is also the Let It Be movie itself, which was restored and revamped at one point but then dropped. Did everyone notice last week, during some radio interview, that Paul McCartney was dropping some serious hints that the Let it Be Movie might be getting re-edited for a circa release? I typically keep items in my cart at Amazon to watch for pricing changes.

Some go up, some go down. Naturally I ordered all three, and to my disbelief, Amazon actually shipped them for that price. Giles was guided by his dads original stereo mix!..

Think George mixed the album in two hours as stereo was not a big deal back in 68 as mono was king. I was hopeful of a rich remix like pepper More centred.. Warning- Beatles stereo mixes on headphones make you walk with a limp. Retail mono pressings in the US were getting phased out in early , about a year later in the UK.

Notice: Capitol in the US only released it in stereo. You must have listened to a fake. I even removed the right side and clearly had drums. Has Revolution 9 really been re-mixed? If so this must have been a very difficult task to recreate something like the original mix of the various tape loops, etc. Anyone got any specific info on this? Thank you Paul. It might have been an interesting experiment to remix it but of course this would be impossible unless all the source tapes were available.

Besides, the original is probably regarded as sacrosanct by Beatles fans and presumably Yoko Ono in particular though not solely would need to give her explicit consent to a remix. Simple: Assuming it was four-track, one track per channel at the original balance for each track. Should make for interesting listening. Regardless of the number of tracks used on the multi-track master 4, 6, 8?

It would be nigh impossible to recreate their original decisions even if all the parts were available to remix. Pre-ordered mine yesterday from Amazon UK for incl. Today I see my invoice says Last week I pre-ordered the deluxe Dylan box set for pds — my invoice now has that at 83 pds.

Same thing happened last year with the Pepper box which I think I ended up paying around quid. Thank you Paul for all the excellent info that your site provides. I hope no one is thinking of getting it or showing support for it, otherwise the format is dead. Got my Pepper box last year from them at similar savings with no problems. After reading a few other comments I wonder if a white vinyl version will suddenly pop up in the mix.

I would certainly go for that. Type Beatles in the music search heading then look for heading of coming soon on the left column.

There was a Sgt. Pepper picture disc about six months after the boxset last year — so watch this space, I guess…. Lay off Paul over the widget issue. Now, use this information, however you want; but Amazon US refuse to budge on the price.

I, though, have the screenshots to prove they screwed-over US Beatles fans trying to pre-order from Amazon. So, to underscore this point, no one missed-out on anything in the U. Ask Paul. I sent him all the screenshots yesterday afternoon p. I will provide them to any SDE poster who thinks they can negotiate a better deal for us! I see you had a listen, Paul. Was that in surround? If so, any preliminary thoughts on THIS 5. I scored it at One theory, might be that they honored it for Prime members?

At any rate, Paul has said ad nauseam on so many releases, the price will most likely come down. Stepping forward here as well. Thanks, Paul! Good to see there is not much duplicated from Anthology 3, apart from the 7 Esher recordings obviously.

I agree, Stuart. Definitely on bright white vinyl, not translucent. Both full deluxe version and 3 CD versions ordered, very happy about this for me a much much better than album than Sgt Pepper. Do we need people saying which one is best, i am pleased with any true album they have made getting a SDE version and will be pleased for people that want that album. Shm-cd version now available for pre order on Amazon j. How much better is this remix compared with the remix?

Is this remix telling us that those remixes from could have been better? Has the technology improved that much in the last 8 years? For me the content in the set is a little bit disappointing or selfish. I wished more takes that show the creative process of each song better. I wish we had studio discussions in between takes. A six CD-set to expand a 2-disc album, does not sound like too much material given to fans.

Also I wished video material included in the blu-ray disc. I will buy it because I have to have it. For those who order from Amazon, the price that counts if the price at the release day? It could be lower than the preorder price. Thanks Paul for the good work. Whatever people think of the idea of going back and remixing, it will sound considerably different. I hated Sgt.

Peppers remix. Bass was so loud that i think it was made to please Paul McCartney. Walls almost came tumbling down when listened in full volume like i used to do. That was about 1hr 40mins into the show.

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Comments Tracks sourced from the Westwood One Radio Broadcast Show celebrating the 30th anniversary of the "White Album". Core collection Track identified Version validated Lyrics available Version details available Audio excerpt available Participants list available. The Beatles’ “White Album” 50th-Anniversary Releases Out Now The track album is augmented by many unreleased acoustic demos and session takes. Published onAuthor: Paul Sexton. Nov 09,  · The Beatles [White Album] [50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition] By the time the Beatles reconvened to record the follow-up to Sgt. Pepper, they had already begun to splinter, with each member doggedly pursuing a musical vision that didn't necessarily jibe with the others'.