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The Rolling Stones Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971 2016

Jackflash says:. The pre-release box set on display at Selfridges in London this week as part of the No Filler promotion shows the box set as individually numbered and limited to Let It Loose. Philip Cohen says:. Hopefully they may honour my order but I doubt it. Want this so much but will have to wait and hope for a floyd early years type price drop.

Marc says:. June 5, at Paul Sinclair says:. Joao paiva says:. Michael says:. June 4, at Keith says:. Robert says:.

Paul Wren says:. Tomasz Stachurski says:. June 3, at Paul E. Chris says:. John says:. Alan Wilson says:.

Hopefully none of you will encounter this issue, but just in case the info is there. James K says:. June 19, at Shawn says:. Terrence says:. June 20, at Michael Chapan says:. June 23, at June 25, at Read below for a good laugh Thanks for reaching out. Paul Sinclair says:. So they created a site where you can redeem the downloads for fun!?

Jhonn says:. June 16, at Kenneth Tilley says:. June 11, at Choba b CCCP says:. Glenn says:. May 28, at Jackflash says:. May 26, at Fred says:. May 17, at Seanski says:. May 16, at RollSton says:. My box has number I guess that they made more than pcs.

Albert Tatlock says:. May 2, at Leo says:. May 1, at Matt says:. April 29, at Jackflash27 says:. April 30, at April 26, at Bridge says:. Ruben says:.

Greg says:. Andreas says:. Dean says:. April 28, at Jeff says:. This is the best news in awhile if you ask me! Yo momma says:. April 27, at Keith Lambert says:.

Mark S says:. Rob F-F says:. Marc says:. Great compilations. Ben Williams says:. Tony says:. Andrew B says:. Jonathan says:. Bogdan says:. Steven says:. I agree not stating the number is annoying and cynical. Reed says:. In , award-winning engineer Miles Showell joined their existing mastering team, bringing a wealth of disc-cutting experience with him. One of the artisan techniques offered by Abbey Road Studios that results in the very highest quality sound reproduction is Half Speed Cutting.

This process involves the master source being played back at precisely half its recorded speed while the cutting lathe is similarly turned at half the desired playback speed. This allows the cutting head twice the time to cut the intricate groove, allowing considerably more accuracy with important matters such as frequency extremes and micro-dynamic contrasts. Start Me Up. Hang Fire. Black Limousine. Worried About You. No Use In Crying. Waiting On A Friend. Track Listing - Disc Undercover Of The Night.

She Was Hot. Wanna Hold You. Feel On Baby. Too Much Blood. Pretty Beat Up. Too Tough. All The Way Down. It Must Be Hell. One Hit To The Body. Harlem Shuffle. Hold Back. Too Rude.

Winning Ugly. Back To Zero. Dirty Work. Had It With You. Sleep Tonight. Key To The Highway. Sad Sad Sad. Mixed Emotions. Hold On To Your Hat. Hearts For Sale. Blinded By Love. Rock And A Hard Place. Can't Be Seen. Almost Hear You Sigh. Continental Drift. Break The Spell. Slipping Away. Love Is Strong. You Got Me Rocking. Sparks Will Fly. The Worst. New Faces. Moon Is Up.

Accessories See More "Close Cart". Media See More "Close Cart". Close menu. Shopping Cart. The pre-release box set on display at Selfridges in London this week as part of the No Filler promotion shows the box set as individually numbered and limited to Put something new out for a bloody change…. In , Exile on Main St. Done at Abbey Rd. I have never heard a better sounding copy on vinyl from this noisy , blurry album.

Maybe it gets only beaten by the original US Artisan vinyl pressing…which is impossible to find nowadays. For this box I was allowed to start again with a completely fresh sheet and to just do my thing subject to final approval by management. I am even more proud of this version. Is it likely we will see another pre box set in the near future, that will match the style of this box?

Similar to the 2 box sets released a few years ago. Without an actual number attached, it means nothing. Although it does not say the mastering is from digital sources, it does not state these records are cut from the original analog source.

That is why the mono box did not have downloads. It really was from analog sources. Mind boggling. Interesting reads about the half speed mastering process and also a sign that this really is going to be promising.

Love the banter… however it seems as though everyone is missing what is the best part about this collection! The Hi Res audio files that will now come into existence because of this release. I am an audiophile and certainly appreciate vinyl.. I have about discs myself.. Jeff — Yes, my thoughts exactly and it was the reason I finally pushed the button on this release. One question for any one who is an audiophile; Are these half speed cut remasters going to sound so much better than the box that I and probably many of you own already?

Also, Blue and Lonesome remastered? It was just released in There are other records to buy, as much as I love the Stones. Now if it came down to half the price like the Mono set did for a brief moment in time, well who knows? It was available on Amazon. Hopefully they may honour my order but I doubt it. If for example, they said it was limited to then sellers from ebay, discogs or record fairs all around the world would have pre-ordered it in order to resell it at a much higher price and the box would be sold out in less than a month!

It seems to me this set is marketed as an even more premium affair compared to the mono set of their early albums. The attention to detail on the sleeves. After reading all of the comments, I am curious why everybody is asking how limited is this edition. You are allowing either the record company or the Rolling Stones to create collectibility.

Stop falling for marketing hype. I guarantee that these items will never sell for much more than what one pays for them. Buy then if you love the music and the mastering. Too bad they did not include a pair of sunglasses for when you have to stare into all that neon on the Dirty Work cover. Has it ever been released with those original images i. Obviously it will have the images underneath, but I imagine the same legal issues remain.

I wish this release was two different boxes of Around half price. Placed an order; hopefully it will be honored at this price. Now it is showing as currently not available — not a good omen. How about some multi-channel Blu-ray discs from this band instead of reHASHing the same old same old!! Sticky Fingers, Hot Rocks just a few suggestions. Looks like a great set. I include a very good book in that content.

This one seems to be just the albums as they were missing tons of great extras that would have made it essential if complied onto a recall type set of discs.

I have most of the albums from the original release date. A few of which I have not listed to in a few decades. I bought the double vinyl Sticky Fingers with the zipper which was a great purchase and replaced a very old well used copy which was handed down.

I do hope some separate releases make it to market. I would likely buy two of them anyway. If not — dealbreaker. The DR meter will do the deciding….

Makes sense from a commercial point of view to issue the vinyl box first, as this will cost a lot more and if fans have the choice most will, I imagine, go for the cd box over the vinyl. It is probably true that the majority of people would go for a stunning CD issue of this set, with absolute original cover art and inserts where able to be shrunken down and similar to the singles box set released a number of years ago, but folks who cherish the real cover art would and should buy this set, because the Rolling Stones were notorious for creating subversive cover art.

I, no longer having a turntable, am holding out for that stunning CD set with original cover art, if one is in the making; hey, why not? Loved the mono box, and I am still hoping that there are more expansive gems like that coming soon, or at least being considered somewhere down the road. Have we not bought those albums thousand times since ??? Vinyl k7 sacd cd remastered cd newly remastered cd half speed mastered vinyl and what else???

Track Listing - Disc 2. Rocks Off. Rip This Joint. Shake Your Hips. Casino Boogie. Tumbling Dice. Sweet Virginia. Torn And Frayed. Sweet Black Angel. Loving Cup. Track Listing - Disc 3. Turd On The Run. Ventilator Blues. Let It Loose. All Down The Line. Stop Breaking Down.

Shine A Light. Soul Survivor. Track Listing - Disc 4. Dancing With Mr D. Coming Down Again. Silver Train. Hide Your Love. Can You Hear The Music. Star Star. Track Listing - Disc 5. If You Can't Rock Me. Ain't Too Proud To Beg. Till The Next Goodbye. Time Waits For No One.

Dance Little Sister. Short And Curlies. Fingerprint File. Track Listing - Disc 6. Hot Stuff. Hand Of Fate. Cherry Oh Baby. Memory Motel. Hey Negrita. Fool To Cry. Crazy Mama. Track Listing - Disc 7. Miss You. Keith says:. Robert says:. Paul Wren says:. Tomasz Stachurski says:.

June 3, at Paul E. Chris says:. John says:. Nice to see this — thanks. Alan Wilson says:. Seanski says:. Chris S says:. JackC says:. JC says:.

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In a sense, the set functions as a cousin to ABKCO's The Rolling Stones in Mono-- a box containing mono mixes of all the material the Stones officially released on Decca -- but where that set was issued on both CD and LP, The Studio Albums Vinyl Collection is, as its title suggests, explicitly designed as a vinyl package.9/ Nov 18,  · The Rolling Stones ‎– Studio Albums Vinyl Collection Label: Polydor ‎– , Universal Music Group International ‎– , Rolling /5(). Jun 19,  · The Rolling Stones: Studio Albums Vinyl Collection - Whenever The Rolling Stones do anything, they do it with quality and gravitas. Having defined rock’n’roll in the 60s, The Rolling Stones entered their imperial phase in with Sticky Fingers/5(40).