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Joe Higgs Life Of Contradiction

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The Greatest Alternative Singles of the '80s: Part 3: 60 - Higgs mentored the young Bob Marley and his trio in songwriting, arranging, and harmony singing, and in when Life of Contradiction was originally released Marley and company were completing their metamorphosis from a bouncy ska and rocksteady outfit into a serious and rootsy ensemble that would change the face of reggae music for good.

Higgs ' solo work has always been respected by reggae fans but has never garnered the commercial success it deserved. It's unlikely that this reissue will do much to change that -- it's much too clearly a product of its time -- but a solid core of listeners have been awaiting its release for years, and they won't be disappointed. Higgs is in excellent voice on every track, and the rhythms laid down by the Now Generation band are perfect examples of the churning, midtempo reggae sound that was in the ascendant in the early '70s.

Highlights include the brilliant "Got to Make a Way" and "Come on Home," and the bonus tracks the non-album single "Let Us Do Something" plus version sweeten the deal nicely.

The lyrics may get a little bit trite at times how's this for insight: "Life is an experience that only a fool could refuse" , but Higgs ' heart is so clearly right, his voice is so powerful, and the rhythms so sharp and dread, the occasional lyrical banality is easy to overlook.

Very highly recommended. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. It's like playing the drum and bass very loud. Those are the basic sounds. A classical reggae should be accepted in any part of the world. Freedom, that's what it's asking for; acceptance, that's what it needs, and understanding, that's what reggae's saying.

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Update your browser to the latest available version to use the Slacker Radio web site:. Google Chrome. The partnership with Wilson dissolved in when Wilson emigrated to the United States. Higgs mentored young singers in his yard and began working with Bob Marley in For a while Higgs toured with Cliff, acting as his bandleader as well as writing songs for Cliff including "Dear Mother", [1] and also performed with The Wailers on their US tour when Bunny Wailer refused to go on the tour in Higgs later won a court case to establish his rights as composer but never received any profits from the song's success.

Higgs won the Jamaican Tourist Board Song Competition in with "Invitation to Jamaica", released as a single on his own Elevation label, and much of his best-known solo work was issued in the s.

His debut album, Life of Contradiction , had been recorded in for Island Records , but as Island boss Chris Blackwell felt that it would be difficult to market it remained unreleased until , when it was issued by Micron Music, [6] and has been described as "a seminally sophisticated work combining reggae, jazz, and rhythm and blues influences to create a new texture that would have a profound effect on the best Jamaican music to follow".

It was Higgs who taught the teenaged Wailers to sing and harmonise at his Trench Town home and was the first in a series of surrogate father figures who helped create and refine the Bob we know today. But Joe was also a respected singer and composer in his own right. Recorded three years earlier but held back due to the all-too-familiar rights issues, Contradiction saw him teamed with the formidable and versatile Now Generation band.

The level of songwriting and the breadth of influences on display will impress the casual or non- reggae fan.

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A mere footnote in mainstream musical history, Joe Higgs’ name is inextricably linked to that of Bob Marley. It was Higgs who taught the teenaged Wailers to sing and harmonise at his Trench Town. Joe Higgs’ brilliant album is as calm, fluid, and uplifting as Willie Nelson, and as soulful as James Carr on a Jamaican vacation. Joe Higgs Life of Contradiction. Joe Higgs' ‘Life Of Contradiction’ album is, without doubt, one of the most seminal reggae records of all time.